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Our "success" stories.

Over 3,000 local, homeless animals walk through the doors of the Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control & Adoption Center on an annual basis. They arrive scared, oftentimes abandoned or lost, and most are sick and/or injured. In some instances, they may need extensive care and treatment. The Foundation for TJO Animals provides funding for the medical needs of these animals so they can receive the veterinary care they so desperately deserve.

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Maggie Living Her Best Life!

In July, the Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control & Adoption received several calls from concerned citizens about a dog in need of urgent care. They immediately dispatched an Animal Control Officer who phoned ahead to advise TJO's medical staff of the dire condition of this little dog. His warning could not prepare them for what they saw when she arrived at the medical clinic. Upon examination Maggie was bone thin, with a giant mass over one eye, she was pale and in shock. Her coat was horrifically matted, saturated with urine and
covered with feces. But even worse, this poor dog had open wounds that were infested with maggots. The moment she arrived at TJO, her life began anew. Her painful matts were removed, the wounds treated, infestation removed, and her pain managed. 

With all she endured, she looked to her new human friends with loving eyes and a wagging tail. Her journey to health took time and resources. With funding from the Foundation for TJO Animals, and the support of the community, Maggie made an amazing recovery. Maggie, now Sadie has been adopted into her furever home, and she is living the happy, healthy life that she so deserves.



Emy was found in Springfield in January, very scared and unable to use her back legs. Not knowing where else to turn, a good Samaritan brought her to the Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center.  Emy had clearly suffered some sort of unknown injury that left her back legs paralyzed. Thanks to funding from the Foundation for TJO Animals, Emy received x-rays and an MRI that revealed she was suffering from a spinal cord injury.

Erika McElwey from Change Your Range provided physical therapy which has allowed for remarkable progress - Emy even has great potential to walk again!  Emy, a very active girl, was also in need of a wheelchair to take some of the pressure off as she continues her road to recovery.  Once again, the Foundation for TJO Animals was ready to help and funded her wheels!

On April 4th, 2019, Emy received the greatest gift of all... a furever home!  Anthony and Laurie Bonavita saw her on TV and just knew that Emy had to be a part of their family.  She even has two chihuahua sisters!  When Emy settles into her new life, she will begin training to be a therapy dog, working with autistic children.  Emy adores people and we just know that this unstoppable and very outgoing girl will excel and bring big smiles to the faces of so many!

Thanks to you, this is another success story.



Thunder's New Wheels

Meet Thunder. Thunder is a 3-year old white and buff Poodle mix who came to TJO nearly three months ago. Thunder has overcome obstacles that no animal should endure. Early in his young life, he suffered a major injury that left him partially paralyzed. Thunder’s sweet personality quickly won the hearts of the entire TJO staff and volunteers. Thunder had his back legs and tail removed for better mobility and then our friends at Eddie’s Wheels stepped in to customize a ride. Thunder took to his wheels instantly and there was not a dry eye as he zoomed around the shelter. Thunder does have special needs, and will need to be under the care of a veterinarian throughout his life. He is full of love, determination, spunk, and a spirit that will melt your heart.

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