Join us for Cash for Critters!

Cash for Critters is a day-long, online fundraiser supporting our Mission of providing the veterinary care, and enrichment for the TJO animals in need, before finding their forever homes.

This year, for Cash for Critters, we are fundraising for fencing upgrades for the outside dog kennels. The outdoor kennels are important for the dogs during their temporary stay at the shelter. Spending time outside lets them exercise, and reduce stress. This is a big project that will take the support from our amazing community to help us with. Thanks to a wonderful, local fencing company, the plan is to upgrade the current fencing around, and in every kennel. Privacy screens will be installed in-between each kennel as well. This is a key element, as it will help reduce stress, and provide a sense of comfort to the dogs while they are enjoying the outdoors. Each kennel will also be outfitted with a bench for the pups to lay under, outdoor toys, and water bowls that are secured to the fence inside each kennel. TJO is committed to the physical and emotional needs of every animal in their care. The well-being of the animals at the shelter during their temporary stay is a top priority.

We ask you, our amazing community, to please consider donating for Cash for Critters on June 11th, so we can provide these much-needed kennel upgrades to the pups at the Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control & Adoption Center. Thank you for your support!

Don't want to wait until June 11th to donate? You can donate now!