Join us for Cash for Critters!

Cash for Critters is a day-long, online fundraiser supporting our Mission of providing the veterinary care the TJO animals need before finding their forever homes.

This year, for Cash for Critters, we are fundraising for specific items that will enrich the well-being of the animals at the shelter during their temporary stay. TJO is committed to the physical and emotional needs of every animal in their care. They strive to provide care that truly enriches animal’s lives. Enrichment gives animals a creative outlet for physical activity and mental exercise, and gives animals choice and control over how they spend their time.

The Foundation is fundraising for specialty dog and cat beds for every dog & cat at the shelter, and cat towers for each of the cat rooms. These items will provide a feeling of comfort, safety, and security for the animals while at TJO. We are also fundraising for special kitty cots that attach to the windows so our feline friends can comfortably view the outdoors.

We ask you, our amazing community, to please consider donating for Cash for Critters on May 2nd, so we can continue to ENRICH every animal in need at the Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control & Adoption Center. Thank you for your support!


TJO friend Ella relaxing on her special Kuranda bed that the Foundation is fundraising for.
A sample cat tower that will go in all the cat rooms and areas.
A sample kitty cot for our long-term stay kitties, so they can relaxing while looking outdoors.