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Girl Scout Troop 20140 Donates to Help Animals

Girl Scouts with a Donation Check

Girl Scout Troop 20140 from Wilbraham raised $1,500 for the TJO Foundation to buy an expensive piece of medical equipment called a Bair Hugger. A Bair Hugger keeps patients warm after they've had surgery. This is important because the body does not regulate its temperature well while under anesthesia. The girls came down to the shelter to meet our animals and present us with a check.

"As an animal shelter, we see sick and injured animals on a regular basis, and we strive to provide the best medical care possible to them," said staff veterinarian, Dr. Atkins. "The Bair Hugger is an important addition to our clinic. Thank you, Troop 20140!"

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Bogart and Squeak Warmed

Bogart and Squeak are warmed by the Bair Hugger post-surgery. Bogart, a Poodle/Lhasa-Apso mix, had been hit by a car and was treated for deep abrasions on his front legs. Squeak, a Pomeranian, was spayed and had several painful teeth removed. Both dogs have healed and been adopted.