Zohar arrived at TJO as a found dog.  He was in great condition, neutered and very social.  The folks at TJO were initially shocked that he was not claimed by his family.  However, within about 8 days, they realized he was not well.  He was drinking water excessively and urinated more than he should.  Dr. Atkins performed a battery of tests on him and learned he had Cushing’s Disease.  This can be a very tricky and expensive disease to manage.  Zohar spent two months up for adoption and finally met his forever family on February 11th.  The Foundation for TJO Animals funded all his preliminary testing, medications and the testing required after he started his meds.  To encourage adoption, the amazing staff at the Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control & Adoption Center offered and will be doing two more rounds of blood tests before the adoptive family needs to go to their own vet to continue treatment.  We are so happy that this beautiful boy was able to get the medical care and TLC he needed to get well and loved again. Congratulations Zohar, we wish you a very happy life!