Thank You Dave's Soda & Pet City!


Thank you to Dave's Soda and Pet City who raised an incredible $12,442.72 to support the Foundation for TJO Animals and the animals at Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center during the 2nd annual Putting for Paws Golf Tournament that was held on July 25th at Ludlow Country Club.

Despite the heat, there was a great turnout! The Foundation for TJO Animals, which supports the animals at the TJO Animal Control and Adoption Center, greatly appreciates Dave's support. The funds received will help in supporting the care and welfare of the many animals in need of medical attention, training, and daily care at TJO. The funding will provide opportunities for the animals to become healthy, adoptable pets and be placed in their forever homes.

To all of those folks who participated in the event, and to everyone at Dave's, the Foundation thanks you ALL for putting together such a wonderful event for the animals!