Sonny's New Beginning


This is Sonny. Sonny is an adorable 4 1/2 pound Chihuahua who was abandoned near the Holyoke Community College campus on a weekend. Sonny was left in a cardboard box with a damaged, bleeding tail. 

When our animal control officers brought Sonny to the shelter, Dr. Atkins saw that both of Sonny's knees were also damaged and he would require surgery to fix them. This knee injury is called a 4/4 patella.

Thanks to the TJO Foundation for funding Sonny's knee surgeries as well as the necessary tail amputation, he has received the best medical care possible. 

After his surgery, Sonny went into foster care with a wonderful, caring person who has helped him recover. The best news is that Sonny's foster mom has decided to keep him! Sonny's new mom is also an adopter of one of TJO's alumni Mona.

It is truly a New Beginning for Sonny! Pictured below is Sonny posing proudly for all to see how healthy and happy he is.