Matrix arrived at the shelter as a battered stray in freezing temperatures from Springfield. He apparently was the victim of a serious attack from another animal, likely a dog. His injuries required surgery which TJO veterinarian, Dr. Lauren Atkins performed. Matrix also had a skin mass removed and biopsied, and needed to have some bad teeth extracted, helping him to feel more comfortable. 

Due to wounds from an unknown origin, Matrix had to spend six months with us, to be sure he had not contracted the rabies virus as a result of the attack. Six months is a LONG time for a young, active dog to spend in a kennel. The quarantine required very few people to interact with him during this time. His enrichment team consisted of a few incredibly dedicated people who made sure he got out every single day to play, get a massage, or do nosework to keep him busy. 

By the end of his long 6 month quarantine, he was all healed, had added some extra padding around his belly, and was raring to find a stable, responsible, forever home. He turned on the charm and only waited six days to find the spot he was meant to be! Matrix is now in his forever home, happy, heathy and loved to pieces. He is a very important part of his new mom's life now. Pictured below is Matrix laying peacefully on his new mom!