Maggie's Incredible Journey


Maggie is a beautiful cropped ear pitbull that arrived at TJO as a stray. At first glance the shelter staff noticed a large scar from a previous C-section, and respiratory difficulties. Dr. Atkins noted Maggie's increased respiratory rate and breathing effort despite normal lung sounds. After a thorough exam including blood work, all of Maggie's tests came back normal. Dr. Atkins ordered a series of radiographs to view Maggie's lungs and throat which also came back normal. However, her heart appeared slightly enlarged. Maggie went to see the cardiologist who performed an echocardiogram, which again was normal. The cardiologist felt that Maggie may have laryngeal paralysis, a disease that typically does not occur in pitbulls. Laryngeal paralysis is corrected with surgery so Maggie was prepped and ready to go. The surgeon was surprised to find that Maggie did not in fact have laryngeal paralysis, but an abnormal web of tissue had formed across her trachea. This growth was causing 80% of her wind pipe to be obstructed, hence the breathing difficulties. The cause of this is still unknown. Maggie endured her very complicated surgery and recovered wonderfully!

The amazing community came together with numerous donations for Maggie's surgery and medical care, as well as area vets reducing their fees for the costly tests she received. Many volunteers assisted with driving Maggie to and from her vet appointments. The TJO Foundation was able to help with the cost of Maggie's necessary surgery, tests, and other medical care allowing sweet Maggie a new lease on life.

Maggie is now in her forever home living a life full of love which she so deserves. She has other dogs and cats to play with as well as a special 6 year old human best friend to play with everyday.


Adoption Day! 

Maggie with her friend Dixie on the left, her TJO Foundation Advisory Council "angel funder" and Maggie's new mom Kristen