Macho Gets a Winning Smile


MachoIntroducing Macho! 

Macho has quite a tale to tell you. Macho was found in a trash barrel outside of TJO on a very cold day. Little Macho presented with horrific dental disease and he required immediate dental surgery. Thanks to the Foundation for TJO Animals and a grant from the Pedigree Foundation, Macho was able to receive much needed dental surgery. He was already missing 9 teeth, and had 31 teeth extracted! Yes, that is correct, 31 teeth extracted! Macho only has 2 teeth left in fact.

Thank's to the Pedigree Foundation grant, TJO is able to make the mouths of homeless pets feel, look, and smell a million times better. These dental procedures before adoption gives the dogs and cats at TJO an opportunity to smile brightly at potential adopters.

Well sure enough, Macho's new, fabulous smile caught the eye of a wonderful family who saw him and fell in love! Macho was adopted and enjoys his new name "GUMS!" Gums even has a Chihuahua brother named Chomps. They have become best friends.

Pictured below is Macho (now Gums) with his mom and dad and his brother Chomps.