Hazel was brought to the shelter in June,  2015.  She was found as a stray wandering on Lowell Street in Springfield.  Hazel was estimated to be about 10 years old. During her exam it was discovered that she had severe dental disease and mammary masses from not being spayed.  Her nails were very overgrown and all her limbs were stained brown from excessive licking.  The Foundation for TJO Animals funded bloodwork and xrays to be sure she was healthy enough to be spayed, have her mass removed,  and endure a very involved dental work up.  She was in fact healthy enough to be treated properly. Most of Hazel's teeth were already missing and the remainder, 17, had to be extracted!  (Imagine the pain she was in for sooooo long prior!) After her surgery and dental treatment, Hazel recovered comfortably at TJO until she was ready for adoption. Hazel was placed with Dolores, a lovely elder woman in her 80s who is taking great care of her!

Hazel's new mom is happy to report that Hazel is doing wonderful. She goes for several long walks each day. Hazel loves to go for rides in the car and spend time at the park. It's a happy ending for sure!