Gordo's Happy Tale


This is Gordo...now Gordy, an adorable 8 year old Fox Terrier mix.

Little Gordo was hit by a car in Springfield and a good samaritan called TJO. One of TJO's animal control officers picked him up and brought him straight to Boston Road Animal Hospital. He was treated with pain meds and stabilized.

Right away it was noticed that he was blind, but it was initially thought that was due to the trauma of being hit by a car. Our friends at Animal Eye Care of New England assessed Gordo and realized that he had been suffering from untreated glaucoma which had become very painful. Dr. Jurk, a Board certified ophthalmologist advised that poor Gordo's eyes could not be saved.

As if that isn't enough, this sweet boy was also covered in fleas that caused fur loss and inflamed skin. It was clear that he had been suffering with this for some time. Gordo's fur was severely matted and dirty from neglect. He had a heavy hookworm load in his belly and he was missing 11 teeth with more needing to be extracted.

Dr. Lauren Atkins performed surgery to remove Gordo's painful eyes and did some work on his teeth to give him a glowing smile. After lots of TLC Gordo was ready for his forever home. Due to all he had been through, TJO knew he needed a special family to adopt him and give him the kind of loving home that he deserved.

A few days before Christmas Gordo received the best present ever. A wonderful couple drove all the way from Worcester Mass to meet him. It was instant love. They knew right away that Gordo was meant to be theirs. They adopted him and this wonderful guy was in his forever home in time for Christmas.

We are so happy to report that GORDY adapted to his new home immediately. He knows his way around the house and his backyard like a champ. He loves to play with his toys, and he even has a feline brother and sister to hang out with. His new mom even said "We didn't save Gordy, he saved us." Pictured below is Gordy relaxing in his furever home.