Duke's Lucky Break


A change in Duke's life oddly began with a local guy getting a cup of coffee.

But this wasn't just any guy; this was a truly good Samaritan with an extraordinary sense of patience and compassion who happened to see a badly injured cat along Parker Street in Springfield.

The cat, fondly named Duke, was taken for medical treatment, where the vet discovered his right hip was dislocated and he had a severe fracture to his right tibia - so severe that it had to be wired by an orthopedic surgeon. Yet Duke's hero was not alone in rallying for this persevering feline; the Thomas J. O'Connor Foundation also stepped up to fund the surgery.

In the meantime, like fretting parents, the guy who had only stepped out for a cup of coffee and his wife visited Duke twice a week throughout his recovery and - you guessed it - will be Duke's forever folks after he is released in sound health.