This beautiful girl is Bonita. She was brought to TJO by Animal Control Officers Mason and Danny in November, after she was found by a landlord who entered an abandoned apartment two months after the tenant left.  The only things in the apartment were an empty bag of cat food, a dead hamster, and Bonita.  Beating the odds, Bonita survived abandonment and once at TJO, she was entered into a re-feeding plan under Dr. Atkins supervision. The Foundation for TJO Animals provided funding for two rounds of blood work that she needed, as well as many hours of TLC which was provided by the fabulous Dr. Atkins.  Dr. Atkins left a note in Bonita's medical records that stated the following: “BONITA HAS MADE A MIRACULOUS RECOVERY - SHE IS SUCH A FABULOUS CAT - WE ARE SO THRILLED THAT SHE IS NOW DOING SO GREAT.” Bonita arrived at TJO weighing 4 pounds and was 8 pounds, three ounces when she left! The best news is that she was adopted on February 6, 2016!