A "True" New Beginning


Meet True. True is a sweet Chihuahua that was hit by a car. Sadly, the finder waited over 24 hours to call TJO. Upon her arrival at the shelter, True was evaluated and underwent several tests to rule out internal injuries. Luckily there were no broken bones or serious injuries. True was treated for a hemorrhage to her eye which has healed nicely. A good diet, medication, and some good old fashioned TLC was all that she needed.

It was quickly noted at the shelter that True was the ultimate lap dog! This girl just wanted to be held all the time. Her little tongue sticking out was an obvious sign of being scared and unsure of where she was.

Once True was cleared medically she went to her foster home. Her foster family instantly fell in love with her and adopted her. All of her silly quirks disappeared and she is a happy healthy girl being showered with love.

TJO Foundation was able to provide the tests and medication True needed to help her recover. As you can see by the picture, True's new mom and dad couldn't be happier with the new addition to their family.